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[SALE]Shouyuukoto Voice Strap

I accidentally got two Shouyuukoto Voice Strap so I'm auctioning one.
I got it from Yahoo Auction Jp. so that's why the price is quite expensive.

Starting price is $40 :)

I accept PayPal (buyers bear fee), Western Union or Money Gram.
Shipping is from Canada and I'm shipping worldwide.

If you need more information, you can ask questions here, message me or e-mail me at :

This auction will end on August 15th (Canadian time)

Thank you and happy bidding! ^^

What The Bleep?

I just bought the plane ticket! A non-refundable one at that. And now I'm freaking out. Gaah, what was I thinking? 

Think before you act, Azalia, think! Me and my stupid, spontaneous, act-before-thinking impulse. 

Fuuudggeeee ...


Feliz Cumpleaños, Senor Yuñho <3

Happy Birthday Leader-sshi!

Have a blast on your birthday! <3


Every Woman Needs Her Man

I was going to upload some pictures but internet decided to be a bitch.
Oh well.

Anyway, I decided on the subjects I'm going to take next year.
I'm only gonna take 6 subjects next year, 3 subjects each semester.
So I'll have a spare each semester. Hooray!
That way, I have less subjects and I can focus more on the 3 subjects each semester.
It's a win-win situation :)

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Acorn Jelly

So ...
Apparently tomorrow school starts. 10 more hours from now to be more exact. 
I'm excited to meet my friends again BUT I'm so not looking forward to go to my classes.
After these two weeks of sheer bliss and no lessons at all, tomorrow I have to get up early and go to my classes.
Dreadful indeed.

I am just a huge slacker.

*runs off to bed*


Happy New Year <3

Welcome 2009 and goodbye 2008!
It's been memorable, 2008, and thank you, but it's time to move on.

Happy New Year everyone!
May this new year filled with terrific things <3

I want to write a long post but I have to go in just a moment. Anyway, within the first hour of 2009, I hit my head on car's trunk. And it still kinda hurts now >.< I also gained a couple of extra pounds because I ate so much yesterday and I'll probably eat a lot again at today's lunch. So I shall be spending the rest of this year getting rid of those extra pounds and another few pounds.


She's A Gold Digga --

I really need to go to bed, but, WHEN IS MY NEXT PAYCHECK?

I need moneeyyy >.<


Dumb Question #1

My aunt : We're going skiing tomorrow.
Me : Is it indoor or outdoor?

The Later The Better

Procrastinating is a very appealling prospect. As a matter of fact, I'm doing it. And then at the last minute, that panic feeling starting to seep in. Slowly but powerful *sigh*
It's the last week of school though, is that enough reason to procrastinate?